Department of Design and Visual Communication (JRKV) is one of the leading academic departments in Polytechnic Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin. JRKV offers two programmes which are Diploma in Video and Film Studies (DDV) and Diploma in Digital Art (DDS). JRKV is led by Madam Anis Safinaz binti Ramli as the Head of Department assisted by two Head of Programmes who are Mr. Nazirul Aiman bin Md Hassan for DDV and Madam Rosazila binti Abd Rashid for DDS accompanied by 41 lecturers and 2 supporting staffs. Both programmes offered by JRKV are full-time programmes inclusive of six semesters of course work with one full semester of industrial training.



Carta Organisasi JRKV PTSS



Bil. Nama Jawatan Samb. No. Telefon
( 04 988 6200 )
( )
1 Anis Safinaz binti Ramli Ketua Jabatan 6366 anissafinaz
2 Rosazila binti Abd Rashid Ketua Program (DDS) 6364 rosazila
3 Nazirul Aiman bin Md Hassan Ketua Program (DDV) 6365 nazirul
4 Khairul Anuar bin Aziz Pensyarah Utama 6364 khairulanuaraziz
5 Mohd Jaaffar bin Salleh Pensyarah Utama 6364 jaaffar
6 Salina binti Abdul Manan Pensyarah Utama 6264 salina
7 Dr. Agnes Pau Pensyarah 6364 agnes
8 Ahmad Fakhruddin bin Kamaruddin Pensyarah 6365 fakhruddin
9 Amir bin Azmi Pensyarah 6364 amirazmi
10 Azri Syazwan bin Atan Pensyarah 6365 azrisyazwan
11 Chitra A/P Suparmaniam Pensyarah 6368 chitra
12 Ezar Eziardy bin Zainudin Pensyarah 6368 ezar
13 Hafizah binti Abdullah @ Ali Pensyarah 6368 hafizah
14 Halizayanie binti Kimlin Pensyarah 6368 halizayanie
15 Izyan binti Mahmod Pensyarah 6368 izyanmahmod
16 Juniza binti Zamri Pensyarah 6365 juniza
17 Mazidah binti Mohamed Hashim Pensyarah 6365 mazidahmh
18 Mohd Fairuz bin Othman Pensyarah 6368 fairuzothman
19 Mohd Hakimi bin Raseli Pensyarah 6365 hakimi
20 Mohd Kamarul Ariffin bin Mohamad Azmi Pensyarah 6365 mkamarul
21 Mohd Khairi Asyraf bin Muhamad Zaki Pensyarah 6365 khairiasyraf
22 Mohd Subhi bin Hamid Pensyarah 6365 mohdsubhi
23 Mohd Syakir bin Abu Bakar Pensyarah 6365 mohdsyakir
24 Mohd Tarmizi bin Ab Rahman Pensyarah 6365 mohdtarmizi
25 Muhamad Syahman bin Mahdi Pensyarah 6365 syahman.mahdi
26 Muhammad Amiruddin bin Rosli Pensyarah 6365 m.amiruddin
27 Nor Arinah binti Mohamed Zemudin Pensyarah 6368 norarinah
28 Nor Azlina binti Md Nor Pensyarah 6365 azlina
29 Nor Fa'alina binti Abu Hassan Pensyarah 6368 faalina
30 Nor Radhiah binti Borhan Pensyarah 6368 radhiah
31 Norzaida binti Bulat Pensyarah 6367 norzaida
32 Nurayuni binti Noordihan Pensyarah 6368 nurayuninoordihan
33 Rafidah binti Ja'afar Pensyarah 6364 rafidahjaafar
34 Rohayu binti Zulkapli Pensyarah 6364 rohayu
35 Ros Syafiqah binti Hasnan Pensyarah 6364 rossyafiqah
36 Shamzuri bin Yaakob Pensyarah 6368 shamzuri
37 Dr. Sharifah Nadiya binti Syed Yahya Pensyarah 6368 sharifahnadiya
38 Siti Izani binti Idris Pensyarah 6368 sitiizani
39 Siti Nor Fazira binti Ab Rahman Pensyarah 6368 sitinorfazira
40 Siti Salwa binti Bahari Pensyarah 6368 sitisalwab
41 Siti Sullia binti Salleh Pensyarah 6365 sullia
42 Sitti Aisyah binti Kadir Pensyarah 6367 sittiaisyah
43 Zaihasrina binti Zahari Pensyarah 6364 zaihasrina
44 Zaitun binti Jasin Pensyarah 6395 zaitunjasin
45 Siti Nurfartini binti Mahazan Pembantu Tadbir (P/O) 6368 sitinurfartini
46 Haslinda binti Zulkifli Pembantu Makmal 6367 lindazulkifli



  1. Diploma Seni Digital (DDS)
  2. Diploma Pengajian Video dan Filem (DDV)




Diploma in Digital Art (DDS) programme will equip students with the knowledge and skills of multimedia infotainment, edutainment and entertainment industries. Specializing in Digital Art, this programme emphasises the fundamentals of art and design with application of the latest technologies in multimedia. While developing creative skills in content creation, interface design, and multimedia technology, students will also be grounded in the essential skills of multimedia production.

Program Yang Ditawarkan




Diploma in Video and Film Studies (DDV) is designed to equip students with creative knowledge and skills in video and film production of related industries such as entertainment, multimedia, infotainment and edutainment. This programme focuses on the technical applications of audio and video, while stressing on the fundamental theories and language of films Studies and researches in local epics/legends and cultural heritage are emphasized to instil the keenness of such elements in students' projects.

Program Yang Ditawarkan


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